Welcome to Mindful Yoga Center • MYC

Mindful Yoga Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the home of both our national program, Mindful Yoga Therapy, and our local yoga community.

Located in the Hartford area, our local yoga community provides an optimal environment for learning and practicing yoga. Whether you are new to yoga, have been practicing for years, or are interested in our teacher training programs, our warm and caring team will help you with your needs. We have something appropriate for all levels. Among our local offerings are classes in Ashtanga Yoga, Embodyoga and Mindful Yoga Therapy.

A yoga class from our schedule is sure to fit into your busy day. Many of our students start their day with us before work, and others make us a part of their trip home. We’re a convenient stop on the way home from Hartford, West Hartford, New Britain and the surrounding towns.

Mindful Yoga Therapy • MYT

Mindful Yoga Center is the home of and national training center for Mindful Yoga Therapy. Across the country, we conduct Mindful Yoga for Trauma 15-hour teacher trainings, and Mindful Yoga Therapy 100-hour teacher trainings.

Founded as Newington Yoga Center by Suzanne Manafort and husband Eric Ramm, the thriving local yoga community also supported a nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans. The nonprofit, Mindful Yoga Therapy, is now a program under the umbrella of the Give Back Yoga Foundation. In June 2016, Mindful Yoga Therapy and Newington Yoga Center merged to form Mindful Yoga Center, dedicated to Eric’s memory.

Mindful Yoga Therapy Mission: Helping men and women to find a calm and steady body/mind to continue productive and peaceful lives with the support of the mindful practices of yoga through education.