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Mindful Yoga Therapy Tools: Practice Guide, Poster, and Meditation Practices

Mindful Yoga Therapy Practice GuideMindful Yoga Therapy Practice Guide

The Mindful Yoga Therapy Practice Guide, now in its fifth printing, is a collection of simple but effective yoga practices developed by the authors through practical and clinical experience working with veterans coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psycho-emotional stress.

While benefiting trauma patients safely and comfortably, the practices can also be used by anyone dealing with stress.

The book includes a supplementary poster (shown separately below).

The Practice Guide is available from Give Back Yoga.

Mindful Yoga Therapy Posture Guide

A supplement to Mindful Yoga Therapy, this guide provides a quick visual reference for daily practice, moving through 61 postures from warmup to rest.

Mindful Yoga Therapy Posture Guide-page 1

Mindful Yoga Therapy Tools Posture Guide-page 2

The Mindful Yoga Therapy Posture Guide is included as part of the Practice Guide.

Mindful Yoga Therapy Meditation Practices

Terms of Use

These files, copyrighted by Mindful Yoga Therapy, are provided as part of the Mindful Yoga Therapy Tool Box.  You may download them or use a media player to stream from this page.  Please do not reproduce or distribute without permission.  Thank you.

Mindful Yoga Therapy Tools Breathe In Breathe Out Meditation Practices with Suzanne ManafortBreathe In, Breathe Out

A series of short breathing practices that are part of the Mindful Yoga Therapy Program.

These Embodyoga practices are offered and adapted by Suzanne Manafort for the Veterans at the PTSD Residential Rehabilitation Program in Newington, CT, as part of the Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System.

Suzanne, founder of Mindful Yoga Center and Mindful Yoga Therapy, is on the Board of Directors of the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

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Deep Relaxation: Yoga Nidra

Mindful Yoga Therapy Tools Yoga Nidra with Patty TownsendYoga Nidra is a systematic method used to prepare both mind and body for deep rejuvenation and heightened awareness. It is suitable for all practitioners. Regular Yoga Nidra practice may help minimize symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), increase coping skills, and induce restful sleep without harmful side effects.

This CD is divided into two tracks. The first track is introductory and can be repeated as necessary. The other track is a complete practice that can be used to facilitate relaxation or sleep and to improve physical and psychological well-being.

Patty Townsend is a master teacher with a background of over 40 years in yoga and meditation. A teacher of teachers since 1985, she is the developer of the Embodyoga In-Depth Study and Teacher Training Programs and founder of Yoga Center Amherst, MA. She is a Give Back Yoga Foundation Advisory Board member.

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Mindful Yoga Therapy Related Research

Our programs are empirically informed. The benefits of our practices are supported by research.