The Mindful Yoga Therapy & Mindful Yoga Center Team

Meet Our Team

The Mindful Yoga team is located both locally (in our Newington, Connecticut yoga studio) and across the country (see the location of each team member on his/her individual page). We’re focused on community and sharing, and hope to meet you at the Mindful Yoga Center or a training soon.

Mindful Yoga Therapy Management Team

Our leadership includes dedicated individuals with expertise in a variety of areas – from yoga, to the military, to corporate management. Together we work to bring Mindful Yoga Therapy to as many teachers and veterans as possible. Learn more about our team members by clicking their photos.

                 Suzanne Manafort

                 Founder & Director

              Bacilio Cortes Jr.

        Chief Operating Officer

                   Chris Eder

    Director of Communications

    Ann Richardson Stevens

               Director of

      Program Development

           Anthony Scaletta

      Outreach Coordinator

                for Veterans

          Karen Miscall Bannon

                   Director of

         Program Development

Mindful Yoga Therapy Faculty

When you attend a Mindful Yoga Therapy teacher training or a yoga for veterans class, you’ll meet one or more of our faculty members. Each of us looks forward to working with you.

Eric Ramm – In Memory

Co-Director & Studio Manager

A true yogi, Eric gave of himself unconditionally to Mindful Yoga Therapy and (now) Mindful Yoga Center.  We dedicate Mindful Yoga Center in his memory. 

Mindful Yoga Therapy Ambassadors

Mindful Yoga Therapy Advisors

Our advisors work with our executive group on the strategy for bringing Mindful Yoga Therapy into the world. Please meet these motivated individuals.

Mindful Yoga Center Newington Team

Meet the team in our Newington training center. Located in Newington, CT, Mindful Yoga Center is our home base, where you can find yoga classes, events and workshops as well as teacher training.

Give Back Yoga Foundation

Mindful Yoga Therapy and Mindful Yoga Center would like to give special thanks to the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

Give Back Yoga Foundation, fiscal sponsor of Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans


Give Back Yoga Foundation supports and funds certified yoga teachers of all traditions to bring yoga and mindfulness techniques to underserved and under-resourced segments of the community. Join us in sharing the transformational power of yoga with the world, one person at a time.