Bev Duda

Bev Duda teaches in the 200 hour yoga teacher certification program at Mindful Yoga Center, Newington CTBeverly Duda is a 500 hour certified Embodyoga teacher. She has studied and trained with Patty Townsend in her 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings since 2001. She now adds her creative metaphors to the mix in these trainings.

Beverly also teaches at the Listening Wellness Center Yoga Studio in Barre, MA. Her love for the Earth inspires her creativity and joy in guiding one through their body in relationship to Earth and all of Life.

In class, Beverly likes to “keep it real” and teach to the level of the students who come. There is emphasis on alignment, organ support, breath and movement, pranayama, and guided meditation. You will be challenged in her classes. Requests are always considered and often met. Beverly teaches from the heart and can only hope to inspire others in their bodies and well being.