Mindful Yoga Therapy and MYT Adaptive Yoga Training for Yoga Teachers, Newington, CT


Friday      7 – 9
Saturday 12 – 7
Sunday    8 – 4

Mindful Yoga Therapy Adaptive YogaYoga encompasses a wide range of healing practices and tools for transformation. Mindful Yoga Therapy Adaptive Yoga Training with Ann Richardson will focus on making these tools and benefits available to everyone, regardless of physical limitations.

For over 10 years, Ann has been creating safe, tailored variations of the physical postures of yoga to individuals with mobility issues. Her artful approach to adaptive yoga integrates the fundamental laws of gravity with the energetic qualities of breath. Her professional expertise encompasses working with students with challenges including paralysis, amputation, severe spinal cord injury, diseases of the central nervous system such as MS, and genetic degenerative diseases such as muscular dystrophy. Ann also works continuously with non-visible injuries including traumatic brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress. She skillfully combines this work with other powerful yoga practices to greatly amplify the potential for improving health.

If you are a yoga teacher who works with—or wishes to work with—this population, you will leave this training with a greater understanding of how to facilitate this yoga practice, and you will internalize and embody these techniques yourself. Through hands-on practice and discussion, you will learn a new set of tools for understanding how to work with postures in your own body or the bodies of your students. This deep yet totally accessible work can help you to develop strength, cultivate empowerment, and give you the confidence to work in this population.

Yoga Alliance continuing education credits are available.